‘Thank You…’ Makes Trierweiler a Millionaire; She Insists Hollande Did Use ‘Toothless’ Slur

Valérie Trierweiler,  the embittered ex-companion of France’s beleaguered president, François Hollande, insists he DID on “numerous occasions” refer to France’s poor as “sansdentes“ — the toothless ones — and that she will stand the phrase up in court if necessary.

"Journey to Hell" is how Express describes the presidential predicament

“Journey to Hell” is how Express describes the presidential predicament

This further bombshell alongside the Exocet missile she fired at her one time companion by publishing her tell-all tale of revenge after he curtly dumped her, was exclusively reported by Jérôme Dupuis in l’Express magazine September 11.

The paper quoted “friends” of the embittered former French “first lady” (a position that does not officially exist) in this latest twist to a story that has divided French public opinion, dragged Hollande’s popularity down to the very low teens and heaped more woe on his troubled two-year-old presidency.

Jérôme Dupuis writes: “According to the journalist, Francois Hollande used the phrase (sansdentes) many times. Valérie Trierweiler says she is prepared to reveal her proof of this claim in court if necessary.”

Express goes on to note that in his rebuttal of the jibe, in an interview with Le Nouvel Observateur, also published on Thursday, François Hollande “did not at any time formally contradict the claim that he had used the term. This is perhaps no coincidence. Reportedly, Valérie Trierweiler told a few close friends she had evidence to back up her “toothless” claims. And she would produce it if needed, together with dozens of SMS from her ex-boyfriend that she has obviously kept.” The paper called this “A nuclear weapon in the hands of a woman desperate for revenge.”

As John Lichfield of the London Independent noted, the president’s response to the highly damaging toothless claim was less than a firm and unequivocal denial.

“In an interview to be published today President Hollande will dismiss the suggestion made in the book published last week by his former romantic partner Valérie Trierweiler that he mocks the poor as “les sans dents” or the ‘toothless’.

“In every job I have held, in every political position I have gained, my first thought has been to help and represent those who suffer,” he told the magazine Le Nouvel Observateur. Mr Hollande did not specifically deny using the phrase “sans dents” but implied that he never used it in a slighting or mocking way.”

Separately Express notes that sales of the book look now to be not far shy of a half a million. Thanks to the deal struck by her agent with the small Belgian-based publishing house that released it, “Valerie Trierweiler could earn more than a million euros from ‘Thank you for this moment’, her forceful attack on Francois Hollande and Segolene Royal”.

Shortly after the book was released Le Monde, France’s most authoritative newspaper wrote off Mr Hollande in a devastating editorial.

Charles Bremner correspondent in Paris for the Times of London noted: “Le Monde, reported ‘a wave of panic’ at the Élysée Palace and wrote off Mr Hollande in a devastating editorial. ‘Over 10 days, the descent into hell seems endless and bottomless,’ it said. ‘More than ever, the emperor is naked.’

“Mr Hollande is suffering a moral and political crisis, added the newspaper, the voice of France’s left-leaning establishment. ‘The impotence of the executive is obvious. The erosion of the presidential image is terrible. The collapse of authority is worrying . . . How much time is such a situation tenable? How can the head of state hold out?’ it asked. The president’s ‘legitimacy is in shreds and the country’s trust in him is near zero. Sitting it out and enduring will not be enough to save his term from a cruel end,’ it added.”

Meanwhile La Depeche reports that a CSA survey claims 67% of those interviewed for a newspaper poll disapprove of the publication of the book, while a Harris poll for the weekly celebrity magazine VSD reported 56% were critical of Trierweiler for “writing this book”.

Whatever the views expressed to pollsters, if nearly 500,000 books have sold in ten days someone is buying them!

Story: Ken Pottinger

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  2. Anne Ager September 11, 2014 at 2:20 pm

    Good luck to her! She deserves to get something out of this “presidential circus”!!

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