Valérie Trierweiler, Launching her Kiss and Tell Tale in English, may Face Court Action in Paris

As Valérie Trierweiler, the jilted former companion of Socialist President François Hollande prepares for a world tour to promote her kiss and tell book – just published in English — a report in the right wing Valeurs Actuelles magazine claims she faces a court action in Paris on December 15 which may delay her marketing plans.

Kiss and Tell front page of the UK's Daily Telegraph (credit Twitter)

Kiss and Tell front page of the UK’s Daily Telegraph (credit Twitter)

The report came just hours after her agent Anna Jarota announced Trierweiler’s best-seller Merci pour ce moment is set to earn the former Paris Match journalist “between 1.3 and 1.7 million euros”.

Reporting this announcement Francetvinfo asked: “Can ‘Thank You for This Moment’ be as successful in English as it has been in French? To promote it (10,000 copies have been printed in English while there are plans for a further 10 language versions), Valerie Trierweiler is set to make a splash on several major media outlets in the UK. She will be a guest on BBC’s the Andrew Marr show and on Newsnight to be broadcast on Sunday and Monday. Before that Time magazine’s issue of Saturday 22 November is running her as its cover story.”

Anna Jarota said: “Valerie will be in London for four days from November 22. Then we plan trips to Rome and Madrid. And even perhaps to the United States.” In France alone, so far 740,000 copies of the book have been printed with 600,000 sold says Laurent Beccaria of the Arena publishing house.

Twitter exploded in mockery shortly after Anna Jarota’s remarks made clear that his ex-companion was now wealthier than President Hollande himself. See a selection of Tweets below.

But there may now be a spoke in the wheel of this publishing bandwagon:  A court application initially rejected by judges in Paris is reportedly set to go ahead anyway.

According to Valeurs Actuelles , a conservative weekly news magazine not always known for exhaustive fact checking: “Valérie Trierweiler is listed to appear before the Paris Court of Appeal on December 15 to respond to a series of accusations first laid by the entrepreneur Xavier Kemlin, among them “embezzlement of public funds”. Xavier Kemlin, complains that she benefited from state largesse during her time at the Élysée Palace while not being married, even by a civil arrangement known as PACSA, to François Hollande”.

Contacted by Valeurs Actuelles in January 2014, Xavier Kemlin said his complaint was “a civil action based on three counts: Misappropriation of public funds; forgery of public documents and tax evasion”.

The Valeurs Actuelles report contradicts one in L’Express on November 26 2013 that said the complaint had been thrown out by the courts. “Xavier Kemlin the heir to the Casino supermarket group, had laid a complaint alleging misappropriation of public funds against François Hollande’s (now former) partner.

“But judge Roger Le Loire was unconvinced and the complaint against Valerie Trierweiler was deemed inadmissible. Xavier Kemlin had accused her of making use of public money while not having ‘any legal authority’ to do so, arguing that Valerie Trierweiler was neither the bride of the head of state nor legally living with him.”

In his initial formal complaint Xavier Kemlin — who reportedly lives in tax exile in Switzerland (see YouTube clip below) and is a grandson of the founder of the Casino hypermarket group, ranked among the five top distribution companies in France — wanted his civil case to cover Valérie Trierweiler, François Hollande along with the latter’s latest companion, film star Julie Gayet.

Below is a selection of social media views on the affair:

BOUM: Le livre de Valérie #Trierweiler lui rapporte plus de 1.3 million d’euros

BOUM: Forte du succès de son livre, Valérie #Trierweiler entame une tournée mondiale

A Facebook page backing Xavier Kemlin’s complaint was set up but there is no indication that it is officially linked to the businessman.

Story by Ken Pottinger


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