Marine le Pen: Any French Jihadi Returning from the Daech Should be Jailed for Life

Marine le Pen, leader of the Front National claims the phenomenon of France-based extremists headed for Syria is ‘organised’– fomented by local extremists in some cases — and the vast majority of  Jihadi recruits involved hold dual French and another nationality.

French jihadi fighting with the Daech in Syria/Iran (Screengrab)

French jihadi fighting with the Da’esh (or Daech) in Syria/Iran (Screengrab)

The video below released by Islamic State (which the French government prefers be called the Daech) claims to show three French Daech fighters calling on fellow countrymen to travel to Iraq or Syria and join them.

Reuters correspondent Yiming Woo reports in this clip published to YouTube on Nov 19, 2014:

The video clip that follows four paragraphs below, is a recording of an interview by Christophe Bordet on “SUD radio” on November 20 2014 — the day after the revelations above — where Marine le Pen calls for life sentences for any French passport-holding Jihadis returning from Daech.

She also calls on the government to dissolve the Muslim advisory body the UOIF Union des Organisations Islamiques de France, which was given a unique consultative role by former president Nicholas Sarkozy, and urges the state to carry out close surveillance of Muslim preachers and mosques.

The issue of French jihadists – converts or otherwise– is being turned into a large stick with which to beat the widely unpopular Socialist government in France. This comes at a time when, right across Europe, parties in power are under attack from their conservative opponents for pursuing unwanted open-door policies welcoming economic migrants from Africa and elsewhere and also for the alleged abuse of family reunion rights by longer-settled migrants.

At a come-back-to-power meeting of his supporters on November 7th in Paris, former French president Nicholas Sarkozy took a very tough line on immigration. Calling for the suspension of the Schengen accords and reinstatement of border control, he said “immigration has overflowed in all senses, if all those without (residence and work) permits have the same rights as those with (such permits) what is the point of the permits?” Subsequently on November 22 Sarkozy issued a strong warning about the future of the EU calling for Brussels to return 50% of its powers to member states or face collapse: ” The European Union must hand back half of its powers, … Nicolas Sarkozy said on Saturday, stepping up his criticism of the 28-nation bloc as he seeks to be elected head of France’s conservative party next week.
“Just a few weeks after he called for the suspension of France’s participation in Europe’s borderless Schengen region, Sarkozy pressed on with increasingly Eurosceptic proposals rare among the country’s mainstream politicians.
” ‘I want us to eliminate half of Europe’s current powers,’ Sarkozy said, adding that less than a dozen key policies including industrial policy, agriculture and research should remain. ‘Everything else must be given back to member states.’ “

All of these are issues which were predicted by Marine le Pen in 2011 when she took over as Front National  leader and as she said then and has reiterated since, means her party is setting the political agenda in France where major parties now openly discuss and seek to outbid the Front National’s concerns, ideas and platforms.

The first part of the interview with Marine le Pen runs for 8.30 minutes and is translated below.

Curiously her response to questions by the radio interviewer, Christophe Bordet, make several references to “French intelligence sources”. At one point she refers to the “figures given to me by” these sources. This seems to suggest she is being briefed, even if unofficially, by sources keen to raise the level of public awareness of security concerns about domestic fall-out from the flow of converts down the jihadist path.

Here is a transcription of the points she makes in the first part of the interview:

Christophe Bordet: A second Frenchman is known to be one of the executioners of the American Peter Kessig – we may know his identity later today; the first Frenchman is a young man from Normandy, Maxime Hauchard. I was wondering if you have changed your mind, because in 2012 you said on Canal Plus that fundamentalists did not grow on the grassy fields of Normandy – remember? And you have made a link between massive immigration and fundamentalism. The facts are proving you wrong.

Marine le Pen: No, the facts justify me absolutely. Stop pretending. Stop pretending.

CB: But I’m not pretending. They are Frenchmen…

MlP: Look, when I said that fundamentalists did not grow on the fields of Normandy, I meant that it is not a sui generis product. It is completely obvious that massive immigration has been the breeding grounds for fundamentalism in our country. Perhaps it is time to look in the mirror, and to take our leaders to court, to ask them what their share of the responsibility is in the rise of fundamentalism in our country. Yesterday came the news that the United Arab Emirates has declared the UOIF (Union of Islamic Organizations of France, a group connected to the Muslim Brotherhood) to be a terrorist organization. What is the UOIF? It is an organization created from scratch by Nicolas Sarkozy,  (Editorial note: in this she has oversimplified see the Muslim Brotherhood link above)  that then quickly linked to radical Islamists. I remind you that at the time he called them “Orthodox”. Nicolas Sarkozy made the UOIF the privileged intermediary of the State. He even wanted to entrust them with the training of 1500 imams … Allow me to say that we allowed to prosper on our soil a fundamentalism that became organised, that was backed by the State and the complicity of our successive leaders … (interruptions)

CB: Marine Le Pen, you know well that they no longer have to come to France, because it is thanks to the Internet that their recruiting can take place… And you support the freedom of the Internet…

MlP: No, that’s false, it’s false. All of these young men sooner or later go to the mosque, and the Intelligence services know that well. It’s only later that access to the Internet allows them to become radicalized. But the media and politicians are leading the French people to believe that they leave for Syria just like that, by themselves, without organization, without a network, without links … I don’t believe it and the French anti-terrorism services don’t believe it either. We know perfectly well today that there are cells of radical fundamentalism in our country, that no-one dares to attack them because it is not politically correct. We know that there are imams in French mosques who preach violence and do so in Arabic …

CB: Which ones? Do you have concrete examples?

MlP: No I don’t do police work, I’m not a journalist … It’s for the police to do the job of the police … It happens that the police are under orders from the politicians, and that the orders given by the politicians are nowhere near the level of the threat from Islamic fundamentalism in our country. It’s true in the prisons, it’s true in a certain number of … (interruption) … Let me remind you that in 2012 the UOIF held its convention and invited four preachers who called for the killing of Jews. Why did they not come? Because the Front National put such pressure on the government that Nicolas Sarkozy forbade them from coming to France, to a convention, where (by the way) men sat on one side of the hall segregated from women on the other …

CB: What should be done with the UOIF today, because the State has to have a representative body that speaks for the Muslims?

MlP: They must dissolve the UOIF – I’ve been demanding this for years. The UOIF must be abolished. The UOIF is the representative of fundamentalism on our territory …

CB: Just like that. Problem solved?

MlP: No, listen, we are not obligated to make it the privileged representative for the State of Muslims here! There’s a whole list of measures to take to fight against fundamentalism – we should have done it twenty years ago …

CB: What measures?

MlP: Surveillance of mosques, surveillance of imams, control over those who preach in the prisons which we know is not the case today because prisons are one factor in the radicalization process, we must implement the stripping of French nationality of those who commit acts of … (interruption)

CB: Including ethnic Frenchmen? Including those who did the beheadings? How would you proceed?

MlP: I’m going to tell the truth on your programme. Those who don’t have double nationality are a tiny minority. According to the Intelligence services there are 4000 Frenchmen – not 1000 – 4000 who went off to wage jihad. Out of these 4000, mark my words, the immense majority have double nationality. We could revoke their French nationality and not allow them back. It would be good.

CB: And what do we do with the ethnic Frenchmen?

MlP: We should put them in jail for life.

CB: For life?

MlP: Look, they are killers. Do you know what we’re talking about? We’re talking about people who cut off heads with a knife! That’s not innocuous! Those people should be in jail for life! And those with dual nationality should have it revoked. They must leave and above all they must not return.

CB:Aren’t you afraid there will be more ethnic Frenchmen, like these two?

MlP: There could be more, but I tell you their numbers will be insignificant, merely anecdotal.”
Hat Tip (H/T): Tiberge

The polemical conservative writer and broadcaster Eric Zemmour makes his view very clear about the origins of French jihadis:

For an explanation of the term Daech see this blog:
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