Paris Metro, the Theatre Underground

Travelling the Paris metro is never dull. Apart from its network icons — historic and cinematic stations on much of it — there are the hoardings, a long line of contemporary art works in a vast underground gallery, the Parisian vignettes that are one’s fellow travellers and the metro’s own varied entertainment industry.

Setting up a swing for passengers on the Paris metro

Setting up a swing for passengers on the Paris metro

Below are some samples of the variety you get in the price of your ticket.

Among metro entertainment videos posted on the Quoi ma ligne (Which is my line?) website is this one:

LaGrotteDuBarbu Hacking du Métro – Teaser from babozor on Vimeo.

or this trailer for the film CHEMINOTS by Luc Joulé and Sébastien Jousse with a commentary by British film-maker Ken Loach on privatised vs state run railways .

On YouTube itself there is no shortage of metro “entrainterners” posting their own recordings:

and finally this Ukrainian orchestra letting rip at the Chatelet station:

Of course as a frenzied commuter in the fast lane your attention may well be elsewhere and this is where Quoimaligne aims to help reduce your stress levels.

Set up as a type of real time commute help centre the Quoimaligne website is where fellow commuters tweet and SMS the status of the network as they travel.

If you’re an adroit (French-speaking) mobile phone user living in the metropole and need to be permanently updated on the status of travel in greater Paris this is where to go.

For Parisians and visitors alike it offers real time updates on the status of travel on the metro, the RER, buses and tramways, the regional and mainline trains using Paris terminii, strikes and other industrial actions and much more. (It’ll also test and improve your colloquial French!)

Quoimaligne describes itself as a community, user-driven site for all who ride public transport in Ile de France.

“Here you can send alerts about travel problems you’ve encountered, write articles about the transport system, establish common interest bulletin boards and plenty more”, says Pierre BERNARD, its creator and a contributor at Explorateurs du Web

Possibly the most useful aspect are the real time updates sent by commuters via the site’s Twitter feed. “Tweet #qml to let everyone else know” the microsite says.

Quoimaligne includes a useful feed with details about the latest special travel offers from the national train operator SNCF and others. Best of all its free to use.

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