À Table: Le Thon Blanc Mariné – Marinated White Tuna

À Table :  Les inratables de Jean-François Piège –  Le Thon Blanc Mariné – Marinated White Tuna using Fresh herbs and edible flowers.

Marinated white tuna

Michelin-starred chef Jean-François Piège shares the secrets of his marinated white tuna recipe with readers. Need a last minute dish that will still have a great impact at table? Here Jean-François Piège offers his tips on how to prepare marinated white tuna that needs one essential kitchen gadget, a low-tech mandolin slicer (For one example Google for V-Blade Mandoline Slicer).

Watch the short video clip below for a master class from this well-known French chef;

Video by Pascale Vanacker

Makes one helping
100g frozen tuna
50 ml smoked vinegar (try Tosazu a vinegar typically used in Japanese cooking)
1 Romanesque cauliflower head
1 Graffiti cauliflower head (Purple)
1 orange or “cheddar” cauliflower head
Zest of lemon and juice of one lime
Curry powder
Hazelnuts or fresh almonds or a radish
Fresh herbs and edible flowers
Salt (Fleur de sel) and pepper

1. On a plate slice the tuna into strips using the mandolin slicer, the frozen tuna makes it easier to achieve the right thickness.
2. Sprinkle the strips with a pinch of curry then dribble the Tosazu sauce over the fish.
3. Grate the zest of half a lemon onto each plate. Then add a few drops of lime.
4. Take one cauliflower head and slice it over the plate to get touches of its colour everywhere. Do the same with each of the other different coloured cauliflower heads.
5. Use the mandolin to slice the fresh hazelnuts over the plate.
6. Sprinkle again with a pinch of curry, salt and pepper, then finish the dish by decorating with fresh herbs and edible flowers.

Recipes: Editorial Staff

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