Pompiers Man the Wrong Pumps … oops

Rather than putting out fires Parisian firemen have, allegedly, ignited a right proper smokey, heat-filled blaze … in a porn magazine.

Firemen in training to fight not ignite blazes… (Photo public domain)

This being a family newspaper we have omitted the pictorial “proof” but Le Parisien has no such qualms.

Le Parisien reports that the French National Firefighters Federation, the FNSPF, has laid a complaint with the Bobigny (Seine-Saint-Denis) prosecutor’s office following publication of an illustrated article that portrayed firemen in revealing fire fighting gear posing with naked women in a porn magazine called Hot Video in November.

Pierre Cavalier, a journalist at the magazine, claimed the men in the picture were “real fire-fighters, who posed in uniforms from which they had removed identifiable insignia , and whose faces had been pixellated for their protection. He said the temperature-raising porn scenes were filmed in a disused, smoky hangar, using rented fire trucks as props.

One fire-fighter with 24 years service speaking on condition of anonymity said that: “In some stations, this sort of thing is regarded as the ‘the menu of the week’ “.

The 14 -page article and photos published by Hot Video reportedly shows the nude firemen in highly compromising positions with four X-rated actresses.

Lt. Col. Patrick Heyraud, General Secretary of the FNSPF federation told Le Parisien: “We filed a complaint for incitement to debauchery involving minors.” The Lt. Col. (who in the French fire service is a serving military officer on secondment from the armed forces) added: “The magazine claims that an under 16-year-old girl had sex with 14 fire-fighters in one afternoon at a fire station. If it turns out that these are real fire-fighters attached to our fire service, then I must tell you they have nothing to do with us or our service, such behaviour is unworthy of the values of the fire brigades,” the Lieutenant-Colonel added.

“This is a shocking scandal. What has been depicted in the magazine is sheer fantasy and very far removed from the true ethics and standards of the fire brigade,” Colonel Jean-Marie Lincheneau, an advisor to chairman of the FNSPF federation told the same paper.

The latest blaze follows an earlier row in August over an alleged sex scandal said to involve nine fire-fighters at the Abbeville (Somme) fire department. The report alleged that over the summer, a young 16-year-old girlfriend of a fireman at the station had had repeated consensual sex with several other fire-fighters. The scenes were photographed and said to have been circulated among “certain fire-fighters”.

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