Christmas Holidays Start in Driving Snow

As Christmas school holidays began and the country hit the highways to spend Christmas with friends and families, Le Parisien warns drivers to expect more snow ice and difficult driving conditions in most places.

Bad weather for drivers and worse to come in the north

The paper later added that France might consider making winter tyres compulsory on all vehicles if harsh winters were to become the norm. Brice Hortefeux the Interior Minister said: “We’re not in far northern Canada , but Germany has for example made it mandatory for vehicles to use snow tyres in winter. We’re not yet there in France, but in dealing with natural events, we must find a balance between prevention and the law. ” In Germany drivers must now fit winter tyres as soon as the weather poses a risk to traffic.

Météo France warns of fairly active adverse weather with temperatures below freezing. A heavy snowfall is expected to affect primarily the west of France on Saturday morning (December 18) and the Ile-de-France in the early afternoon. em>Météo France has placed 35 departments on orange alert. At 0600 thermometers plunged in the greater Paris area with -6 degrees recorded in the Yvelines and -2 in Paris.

Articulated lorries have been banned from certain roads. On the RN118, movement of heavy vehicles has been banned for 16 hours due to snowfall, and the ban will “certainly” continue throughout Saturday. In the Nord / Pas-de-Calais on the Côte d’Opal coast, the prefecture plans to ban truck traffic on Saturday. Trucks are also banned on the A84, between interchanges Number 36 (north of Avranches) and No. 40 (Saint-Lô exchange N174).

The Secretary of State for Transport, Thierry Mariani, invited motorists and bikers to “adjust their holiday departure times according to the weather forecasts on Météo France and traffic forecasts.

Ski resorts in the Alps . Access is possible but there is heavy snow and vehicles need chains and similar to reach ski resorts, especially in the valley of the Tarentaise and the Maurienne.

Speeds on the high speed TGV network was reduced on Friday to 220 km / h in the north, east and south-east, causing delays. On Saturday, the TGV South-East is expected to remain at lower speeds until mid-day, before gradually returning to normal, according to SNCF.

Live Traffic Information for All France

Editorial Note: These are automatic Google machine translations of the original, for the benefit of monolingual readers. BisonFute advisory found here .

Road Information Bulletin

Saturday, December 18, 2010 at 9:00 am

Day is rated ORANGE for all departures routes.

Event in progress
End of event scheduled Sunday, December 19, 2010 at 00:00
POITOU-CHARENTES, Ille-et-Vilaine (35) et Côtes d’Armor


User Information
It is strongly recommended before moving to take the necessary measures and to investigate traffic conditions and driving closer to departure time.

Weather-related disruptions are subject to a particular synthesis.



Traffic is flowing, but the roads can be slippery in places. Be careful, increase your safety distances.

For more information click here.


Traffic is normal, however, several accidents are underway on the main routes.


SOMME (80)
The A1, common TILLOLOY (26km north of Compiègne) is cut in the direction Lille-Paris following an injury accident involving a truck straight to the pavement condition (slippery).

Gironde (33)
Since 6:40 that day, the common LANGON A62 (35km south-east of Bordeaux) circulation is cut and deflected in the direction Toulouse – Bordeaux after an injury accident involving a truck and three vans.


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