French Mayor Warns Of A Third World War Against Judeo-Christian Civilisation by Islamists

Never one to mince his words the UMP mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi, has told France 3 TV that France faces an Islamist “5th column” while “Islamofascism” is waging a “Third World War” against “Judeo-Christian civilisation”. 

Christian Estrosi, mayor of Nice in 2011 (Credit Wikipedia/Frantogian)

Christian Estrosi, mayor of Nice in 2011 (Credit Wikipedia/Frantogian)

He is the second French politician after Socialist Prime Minister Manuel Valls, to break the unofficial taboo on the public use by political leaders of an emotive term such as Islamofascism.

Earlier the conservative weekly L’Express (Issue 3329) in a report entitled “Sarkozy’s stations of the cross” noted: “ex-French president (Nicolas Sarkozy) has in a few short years moved from an iconoclastic position of strengthening Republican links with Islam to a restrictive position favouring strict application of secularism on Muslims in France. Backing its analysis it cited one of his recent responses to a Muslim who upbraided him for doing nothing about schools serving pork which Muslim pupils refuse to eat.

Sarkozy’s hardline risposte was: “In France we have one community, one indivisible Republic. It should be remembered that in France we moved from Catholicism to secularism (in 1905)… the Republic expelled 5000 (Roman Catholic) priests … even Gen de Gaulle had to go into exile in Belgium to pursue a Church-based education because his Church-run school in France was shut down.”

L’Express’ Sarkozy piece, Estrosi’s TV comments and the earlier intervention by PM Manuel Valls, might be regarded by some as signs of hardening attitudes towards Islam in France.

This comes as French politicians struggle to deal with indications of a growing backlash against the country’s 5-7 million Muslims — mainly North African descendants — following murderous attacks by Islamists in March 2012 in Toulouse and Montauban and in 2015 in Paris. These terrorist atrocities targeted French citizens and specifically French Jews, while in both attacks French Muslim members of the armed forces were also slain by the Islamists.

The backlash will be reinforced by the massive people smuggling scandal — and tragic drownings — involving illegal migrants herded cattle-like into unseaworthy skiffs in Libya in the hope of making it safely across the Mediterranean to Malta and Italy.

Insurgent political parties across Europe like the Front National in France, and similar ones in the Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Germany and Scandinavia, have made illegal immigration a major plank of their efforts to woo voters away from mainstream European parties.

Asked on France 3 TV about a thwarted suspected Islamist attack against churches in Villejuif (Val-de-Marne) outside Paris, five days earlier, Mr. Estrosi, who is a candidate for Paca region (Languedoc-Roussillion/Cote d’Azur) in December 2015 regional elections, said: “Yes, Catholics are threatened … in France Catholics are now a target … the Judeo-Christian civilisation we have inherited is threatened…”.

He added:  “the vast majority of Muslims in France who accept that the laws of the Republic are above (their own) religious laws” (are asking us for help) “because they feel threatened by what I call Islamofascism. This Islamofascism is prevalent in Iraq, in Syria, and elsewhere and particularly in France, where ‘fifth columns’, and [their] infiltrated networks are to be found in our cellars, in our garages, and other illegal places,” he said.

“Yes a Third World War has been declared against us. We must wake up and speak the truth… We were told by television reporting during the hunt for the Kouachi brothers (perpetrators of the attack against Charlie Hebdo) that these people were French because they hold French identity cards. Well, I say those who are the enemies of France are not French, whatever their identity cards might say… We have enemies of France holding a French identity card. It is time to enforce laws that address this problem … the moment that one becomes an enemy of France, one no longer has the right to hold a French identity document, nor is one any longer entitled to all the benefits that go with it, benefits that are paid for by those who get up early and work hard in our country,” he concluded.

His remarks were attacked by Peter Dharréville of the rump French Communist Party, the PCF, who said the statements were “a call to engage in a baseless clash of civilisations and merely reinforced the logic of generalized suspicion”.

Story: Ken Pottinger



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