As Greece Teeters “Madame Frexit” Promises France will Follow

Marine Le Pen, the leader of the French far-Right, has declared she will be “Madame Frexit”, a threat designed to add to the worries piling up in Brussels.

Frexit the forbiddden debate (Credit cover of Marianne)

Frexit the forbiddden debate (Credit cover of Marianne)

The leader of the “Front Nationale”–or National Front–declared that France will follow Britain and Greece in leaving the European Union–unless it can end the free movement of people and leave the “failed” euro.

According to a video clip published by London’s Daily Telegraph Mrs Le Pen praised David Cameron for pledging to hold a referendum on EU membership and forcing the European Commission to “cede to the demands” of Britain.
François Hollande’s government is deeply hostile to Mr Cameron’s plan to renegotiate British membership of the EU ahead of a referendum – in part, because it has bolstered similar demands from the insurgent National Front for a public poll.
Mrs Le Pen told Bloomberg Television: “I will be Madame Frexit if the European Union doesn’t give us back our monetary, legislative, territorial and budget sovereignty.

The theme was taken up by Zero Hedge just days before the latest dramatic events in Athens suggest Greece might be forced out of the eurozone and even the European Union itself , despite there being no legal mechanisms for either to happen.

“To many people in France and to many people outside of France, a lot of the arguments she makes are very sound, particularly given everything that’s transpired,” Blackstone Group LP’s John Studzinski said in an interview Tuesday. “I think people are migrating toward leadership and I think Marine Le Pen is strong on a lot of things.” – Zero Hedge

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