Greece Calmly Voted Oxi To Give Brussels its Own Fukushima Nightmare

A dramatic and historic referendum in Greece has given the EU’s only left-wing government a clear democratic mandate to overturn German-driven austerity across the EU, restoring hope for the continent’s future — the lost generation of jobless EU youth.

Greece kept calm,  voted oxi and stunned Brussels-o-crats  (Credit Twitter)

Greece kept calm, voted oxi and stunned Brussels-o-crats (Credit Twitter)

‘People power has happened’.
Here is the initial analysis of Paul Mason, a long-time observer of the Greek drama, in a vlog report for the UK’s Channel 4 TV:

The outcome — which with 60% of the votes counted represents a 61.3% landslide for the proposal by bankrupt Greece to reject any more debt slavery — is a huge boost for the growing swath of European grassroot voters who believe the EU has lost its democratic bearings.

The overwhelming OKI (no) vote means the Greek government has a clear mandate to face down their virulently anti-Greek German colleagues and others in Brussels and pursue their demand for a debt jubilee.

Their position was greatly strengthened before Sunday’s vote, by an IMF report which made it clear that the Greek debt was unsustainable and should be written down.

Some observers writing before the vote, suggested the fallout from this result will shake the EU to its foundations, terminally weaken the euro as an irrevocable currency union and shake supercilious Brussels-o-crats to the core.

As Raoul Ruparel of the Open Europe thinktank noted:
“What does this mean for Europe?
It is a profound change. Possibly the first in the five years of crisis. The Eurozone will either have to capitulate to Greece, in turn changing its entire modus operandi and probably unleashing the first fiscal transfer between states via a write off of Greek debt. Or Greece will have to leave the Eurozone. In which case the EU and the Eurozone will be fundamentally changed. The EU will have to reconsider its ‘ever closer union’ mantra and accept that its flawed approach and inflexible institutions have helped precipitate the downfall of one of its guiding principles. The Eurozone will need to set out a clearer path for its future and make the case, in concrete policy terms, for why other countries will not be next. This will likely mean moving towards deeper integration and a significant intervention from the ECB to stem any market concerns.”

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