The “Invasion” of Europe: One Man’s Acerbic View of What Merkel and Allies Have Unleashed

Unlike the White House the European Union has no presidential hotline to call during moments of great distress but today with migrant chaos threatening EU crack-up, it might just be wishing for a red comfort pillow.

A typical non-dial red phone used for hotlines. This one is a prop which is on display in the Jimmy Carter Library and Museum in the US , erroneously representing the Moscow–Washington hotline (Credit Wikipedia)

A typical non-dial red phone used for hotlines. This one is a prop which is on display in the Jimmy Carter Library and Museum in the US , erroneously representing the Moscow–Washington hotline (Credit Wikipedia)

In the video below UK-based Pat Condell gives a personal view of the worsening migrant influx and what he calls German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s European suicide note.


The Invasion of Europe
by Pat Condell
The European Union is causing chaos in Europe as it stumbles from one self-created crisis to another, with no democratic mandate for any of it.

Not content with removing elected governments and overturning democratic ballots whose results they disapprove of, the European Union has now opened Europe’s borders to the most backward and violent culture on this planet, and one that rejects any concept of basic human rights. What could possibly go wrong?

These migrants stopped being refugees the moment they refused to register for asylum in the first safe country they arrived in, as per the law. But the European Union has refused to enforce the law, removing any incentive for countries to police the external border effectively when they know they can simply move people on, thereby encouraging millions more to come. And millions more are now on the way. An unbiased observer watching from space might think that the people of Europe had taken leave of their senses, but we haven’t. We’ve taken leave of our democracy. And now we’re taking leave of our security.

The European Union could have stopped this crisis from day one by following Australia’s proven success in turning back the boats and processing genuine refugees offshore, but that was too much like common sense. Instead, they behaved with their usual arrogance and made the situation much worse by breaking the law (I can’t emphasise this too much) and effectively inviting the entire Muslim world to Europe. This is guaranteed to make Europe more dangerous for everyone, but especially for women, and for gay people, and for Jews. It’s also putting money into the pockets of criminals, and is effectively bankrolling the human trafficking industry.

Angela Merkel wants Germany to pay for the Second World War by committing suicide. Her insane invitation to the Muslim third world means that the number of rapes in Germany is now set to skyrocket. In fact, it has already started. And she can take personal credit for that. All you “progressive” Pollyannas with your dopey little “refugees welcome” signs can take a bow too, because despite what the media would like us to believe, most of these migrants are unaccompanied men, and Europe’s prisons are already full of third world Muslim men who don’t know how to behave in a civilised society. The last thing we need is to import even more of them, because wherever third world Muslim men go, so does rape. It’s a cultural thing. But that’s exactly what the European Union is doing, breaking the law to import a violent misogynistic rape culture into Europe that directly threatens the safety of women and violates their human rights. And the German media are colluding with this.

If you’re a third world Muslim migrant in Germany who enjoys a bit of casual rape (and I know many of you do) you can carry on raping safe in the knowledge that the media will keep it nice and quiet. They’re on your side. So far, they (and the police) have kept very quiet about the epidemic of rape, child abuse, and forced prostitution in the refugee centres, where things are so bad that women and girls have to sleep in their street clothes. Women’s organisations even wrote a public letter to the government demanding separate women-only premises to keep predatory men away. The police won’t talk about all the rapes because they don’t want to legitimise critics of mass migration. How noble of them. They don’t want to legitimise critics of breaking the law.

Yet they still feel the need to warn local people not to let their children outside unaccompanied and not to let teenage girls wear revealing clothes, and they warn women not to walk to and from the train station alone because it’s close to a refugee centre. They know what everyone in Europe now knows, that third world Muslim men are raised from the cradle to despise and fear women and to treat them as inferior. And when they come to a civilised place like Europe they treat European women the same way because they’re too pig ignorant to know any different. And we put up with it because we’re so “progressive” and tolerant and compassionate and all. And we don’t like to talk about it because it might be racist. And we try to understand and make allowances for them and their poxy excuse for a culture. And we skulk like cowards behind empty words like inclusion and difference, and applaud ourselves like seals for our bullshit humanitarianism, while Europe gets more and more dangerous for women. And for gay people, and for Jews.

In fact, now for everyone, because given that the free movement of people also means the free movement of jihad, you’d have to be an idiot (or a politician) not to see what’s coming. The Islamic State claims to have thousands of fighters already in Europe, and more are coming in every day because the European Union’s criminal negligence means that Europe has no external borders. Serious bloodshed is on the way for which the European Union is 100% responsible, but the politicians with personal bodyguards needn’t worry, as they’re not the ones likely to be murdered.

The only reason that any of this is happening is because the European Union is breaking the law. If they can break the law, why can’t we all? Why can’t we all just do what we like and take what we like? Why should anyone respect the law when it clearly means nothing? If we don’t stop the boats this illegal invasion will never end, and it’s clear that the European Union has no desire to stop the boats. They want this flood of humanity to continue until Europe has been forcibly and irrevocably merged with a backward and violent culture that’s hostile to everything we claim to stand for. They’re importing barbarism, they’re importing war, and they’re showing beyond any shadow of doubt that they cannot be trusted with Europe’s security. It’s time for the people of Europe to claim asylum from the European Union. (This is an automatically created transcript of the video Pat Condell published on his YouTube account above).

Below are the sources used to support his report and his assertions that “the EU is breaking the law to import rape and jihad”:

  1. Female “No Borders” activist gang raped by Africans. Accused by fellow activists of reporting it out of spite.
  2. Czech doctor in Munich. Hospitals overwhelmed by uncivilised migrants bring chaos, violence and disease.
  3. Germany: Migrant rape epidemic
  4. Germany in a state of siege.
  5. Greatest tide yet to come as the EU refuses to control its external border
  6. Munich’s Commissioner for Social Affairs
  7. Did Merkel just read out Germany’s suicide note?
  8. Calais: Women locking themselves in tents to avoid male migrant attacks
  9. ISIS claims to have smuggled thousands of fighters into Europe
  10. Germans losing their homes to economic migrants who are only there because Merkel and the EU are breaking the law
  11. The Dublin Regulation

Pat Condell, whose subscriber following on Youtube, eight years after he launched his account has attracted 58.5 million views and 248,026 subscribers, describes himself as: “Godless and free, a former stand-up comedian who makes videos advocating secularism, democracy, and free speech”.

The video below — one of the video sources quoted by Condell — was posted by a Ezra Levant, a conservative Canadian lawyer and broadcaster, who suggests that Merkel has signed a German suicide note.

According to the YouTube video dated September 16, 2015, Ezra Levant, who broadcasts on TheRebel.Media, reports German Chancellor Angela Merkel favours no ceiling on immigration from the Muslim Middle East to Germany:

“That started the stampede. No application forms, no proof – anyone who can make it gets thousands of dollars plus access to Germany’s existing welfare state. But you have to see this incredible video of a German woman who looks like a progressive liberal, and she’s asking: ‘Aren’t you putting our own country at risk’?

“If you dare to ask questions like that, you’re called a Nazi — which, in Germany, tends to shut people up.

“Merkel’s logic seems to be: Sure, jihadists are evil, but who are we to speak? Don’t forget how evil we were in the past. But that’s not a sound public policy. That’s personal therapy.

“This is Angela Merkel’s world view: Germany doesn’t belong to the Germans. Germans don’t deserve Germany. Foreigners fresh off a train do and just shut up if you disagree — don’t you know that Germany is guilty, guilty, guilty?

“I disagree. I’m a Jew. Hatred for the Nazis was taught to me from childhood but I know that Germany today is not Nazi; they’re liberal.The grandchildren of the Nazis are not guilty by birth. And even if they were, the solution, the punishment, would not to be to let in a million Muslim men, including amongst them today’s Nazis, those from radical Islam.

“Angela Merkel just read out Germany’s suicide note. The fact that this video is so under-reported tells me that most media, frankly, agree”:

Meanwhile on September 2 Deutsche Welle (DW), Germany’s international broadcaster, published the following report where it says the uncontrolled nature of the migrant crisis is good news … at least for some German businesses!

Deutsche Welle: “Germany expects 800,000 asylum seekers to arrive before the end of this year. One of the biggest challenges lies in providing them with suitable accommodation. Some companies specialise in just that.”


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