Tony Abbott – The ‘Catastrophic Error and ‘Misguided Altruism’ of Open Door Migration

Urging European leaders to close their borders to further uncontrolled migration, Tony Abbott has warned that “misguided altruism” is “leading much of Europe into catastrophic error”.

Ex Australian PM Tony Abbott in London on EU migrant crisis (Credit Screen grab)

Ex-Australian PM Tony Abbott in London on EU migrant crisis (Credit Screen grab)

The ex-Australian prime minister added “No country or continent can open its borders to all comers without fundamentally weakening itself,” and he cautioned, “too much mercy for some necessarily undermines justice for all”.

Speaking in London he urged Europe’s politicians to close their borders to asylum seekers and turn back the boats just as the Australians had done, if they wanted to stop people smuggling.

Watch his full speech delivered recently in London to The Margaret Thatcher Centre:

The Second Annual Margaret Thatcher Lecture: Tony Abbott, published to YouTube on Oct 28, 2015.

At 10:27 minutes into his speech Tony Abbott notes:
“No country or continent can open its borders to all comers without fundamentally weakening itself and this is the risk that the countries of Europe now run through misguided altruism and, on a somewhat smaller scale, Australia earlier faced the same predicament(….)

“It overcame a first wave of illegal arrivals to Australia (…) the second wave of illegal immigration was running at 150,000 a year and rising fast by July 2013 when the Rudd Government reversed its opposition to offshore processing and then started turning boats around (…)

“I am pleased to say that it is now 18 months since a single illegal boat has made it to Australia, the immigration detention centres have all but closed, budget costs, peaking at four billion Australian dollars a year,  have ended and best of all, there are no more deaths at sea.

“That’s why stopping the boats and restoring border security is the only truly compassionate thing to do (…)  our borders are now secure and because it is the Australian government rather than people smugglers that now control our refugee intake, there was actually massive public support for my government’s decision just last month to resettle 12,000 members of persecuted minorities from the Syrian conflict — which is the biggest resettlement contribution per capita that any country has made —  (…)

“Because people smuggling is a global problem and because Australia is the only country that has successfully defended against it twice under Conservative government’s, our experience should be studied in Europe where (…) people claiming asylum invariably have crossed not one border but many and are no longer fleeing in fear but are contracting with people smugglers and so are almost by definition economic migrants because they had already escaped persecution when they decided to move again (…)

“That is why the countries of Europe are absolutely obliged to support the countries neighboring the Syrian conflict and more than that are entitled to control their own borders against those who are no longer fleeing a conflict but seeking a better life.

“This means turning boats around that are carrying people coming by sea, it means denying entry at the border for people with no legal right to come and it means establishing camps for people who currently have nowhere to go.

“It will require some force, it will require massive logistics and expense, it will not be easy, yet it is the only way to prevent a tide of humanity surging through Europe and quite possibly changing it forever (…)

“The only way to dissuade people seeking to come from afar is not allowing them in and working with other countries and international agencies is  important, but the only way to stop people trying to gain entry is firmly and unambiguously to deny them, out of the moral duty to protect one’s own people and to stamp out people smuggling(…)”

More on the migrant mayhem — Europe’s worst crisis in 70 years — that is increasingly pitting EU citizens against their leaders and what are turning out to be their misguided even disastrous irreversible policies:

  • “We are importing Islamic extremism, Arab anti-Semitism, national and ethnic conflicts of other peoples, as well as a different understanding of society and law.” — From a leaked German intelligence document — portions of which were published by Die Welt on October 25 .

“Germany’s Muslim population is set to nearly quadruple to an astonishing 20 million within the next five years, according to a demographic forecast by Bavarian lawmakers.

“The German government expects to receive 1.5 million asylum seekers in 2015, and possibly even more in 2016. After factoring in family reunifications — based on the assumption that individuals whose asylum applications are approved will subsequently bring an average of four additional family members to Germany — that number will swell exponentially. This is in addition to the 5.8 million Muslims already living in Germany,” writes Soeren Kern of the New York-based Gatestone Institute, November 1 2015.


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