The Hungarian Leader – Outcast To Some, Hero To Many – Who Aims To “Defend Europe”

Hungary’s conservative Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has become an outcast to some and a hero to others for “squabbling” with the European Union over its handling of an historic inflow of mainly economic migrants expected to exceed 3 million by end 2017.

Viktor Orban adresses Hungarian parliament late September on why Hungary disagrees with Brussels over migrants

Viktor Orbán adresses Hungarian parliament late September on why Hungary disagrees with Brussels over migrants

The three million figure was released on November 5 by the EU Commission at a time when numbers reported from affected member states have been on an upward trend all summer.

The seriousness of the problem  — an overhang from the disastrous and unresolved European sovereign debt crisis — of millions more jobless hitting the EU labour market is starkly drawn by Eurostat.  Europe’s statistics office estimates that 22,631 million men and women in the EU-28, of whom 17,323 million were in the euro area (EA-19), were unemployed in September 2015 and in September 2015, 4,540 million young persons (under 25) were unemployed in the EU-28, of whom 3,113 million were in the euro area. Recent estimates in Germany are that for every immigrant there are 4-7 dependent family members. Therefore within a year there will be a migrant+dependent population of between 5-8 million in Germany alone.

In his late September address — so predating the latest Brussels forecast — the Hungarian leader told his parliament why he believed he had an “historical and moral duty” to protect Europe, an address which while in Hungarian, is well subtitled in English.

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Published on Sep 21, 2015 Source Hungarian Parliament TV with 70,079 views to date.

In the video report below the prime minister warned EU leaders about setting precedents in the way it addressed the refugee crisis. He was speaking to the second Plenary Session of the XXIII Congress of the European People’s Party (EPP) in Madrid on October 22.

“We are in a deep trouble,” he said at the outset of his speech, adding that the current refugee and migrant crisis was capable of “destabilising” the whole European continent.

Published to YouTube on Oct 22, 2015

We are in deep trouble‘ Orbán stares down Merkel on migration, calls Europe ‘rich and weak’

Below is a transcript of Orbán’s speech at the EPP Congress:
“Good afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen, President, dear Delegates, I would like to congratulate to Partido Populare and to the Spanish Prime Minister for the outstanding performance of their government. Today I would like to speak about the migration crisis. This issue will determine the future of our political family. We are in a deep trouble. The migration crisis is able to destabilize governments, countries and the whole European continent. We need a strong and clear-cut answer, timetable and action plan of EPP. The Hungarian delegates welcome the resolution of the congress, declaring that the Spanish approach is the right one.

“The danger we have been facing demands open and honest speech. First of all, dear Friends, what we have been facing is not a refugee crisis. This is a migratory movement composed of economic migrants, refugees and also foreign fighters. This is an uncontrolled and unregulated process. I would like to remind you that free choice of a host country is not included in the international law. I also want to underline that there is an unlimited source of supply of people; after Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Africa is now also on the move. The dimension and the volume of the danger is well above our expectations.

“This is the right time to make clear the nature and the dimension of our moral responsibility. We are Christian democrats, so the issue of moral responsibility must also be put high into consideration. We have a heartfelt compassion for the people who left their homes. They are victims of the bad governance of their own countries. They are victims of bad international political decisions. And they are victims of our bad European policy as well, which raises expectations that are impossible to be fulfilled. They are obviously victims of the human traffickers. But considering them victims must not turn ourselves into being victims. Just because we do not consider them as enemies we must not act against ourselves. Our moral responsibility is to give back these people their homes and their countries. It can’t be our objective to provide them with a new European life. Right to human dignity and security are basic rights. But neither the German, Austrian nor the Hungarian way of life is a basic right of all people on the Earth. It is only a right of those ones who have contributed to it. Europe is not able to accept everyone who wants a better life. We have to help them to get back their own lives with dignity and we have to send them back to their own countries.

“Let me draw your kind attention to the fact that European Christian democratic approach does not tolerate any anti-Muslim policy. Muslim faith – which we honour and respect – is not responsible for the root causes of this mass migratory movement.

“We cannot avoid speaking about the quality of our democracies. Does it comply with the freedom of information and speech that media usually show women and children while seventy percent of the migrants are young men and they look like an army? How could it happen that our people’s feel that their opinion is not being put into consideration? And we have to address the question whether our people want what has been happening. Did we get authorization from them to allow millions of migrants to enter our continent? Did we get authorization not to comply with the Schengen regulations for months? No, distinguished Delegates, we did not. And it is not a convincing argument any more that what we have been doing is because of emergency. I believe we have to gather all our courage, we have to throw away political correctness and we should launch a big debate. We have to discuss our own intentions regarding our own continent without hypocrisy and pharisaism. What do we think about our civilization heritage? Can the change of cultural pattern be forced externally? Do we accept parallel societies? Or do we defend our tolerant and rule-of-law-based way of life we have lived so far?

“Europe is currently rich and weak. This is the most possibly dangerous mixture. We seem not to be able to overcome our challenges on our own. Turkey is an important strategic partner. But if based on the lack of our own power we expect the solution from them that will make us exposed. This is the current situation of Europe. If we do not want that we have to protect our borders. If we are unable to do so at Greece, which is the eastern gate of the Balkans and the first line of defence, then we have to do it at the western gate of the Balkans, at Hungary and Slovenia.

“We cannot hide the fact that the European left has a clear agenda. They are supportive to migration. They actually import future leftist voters to Europe hiding behind humanism. It is an old trick, but I do not understand why we have to accept it. They consider registration and protection of borders bureaucratic, nationalist and against human rights. They have a dream about the politically constructed world society without religious traditions, without borders, without nations. They attack core values of our European identity: family, nation, subsidiarity, responsibility.

“We are EPP. Our behaviour should not be determined by the opinion of our rivals. We are a strong and great party. The stronger the attack, the stronger we need to fight back. We need to be ready to fight for our principles. We have to be innovative as well. In the rise of the new crises, the old ways do not work anymore. We need courage and new experiments, even if not every idea we try succeeds, but it should not stop us from trying. And we should not attack those who are trying. I thank for our President and for sister parties who defended us Hungarians in the difficult times when we offered new solutions.

“We are the European People’s Party – Partie Populaire, Volkspartei, Partido Popular, Party of the People – our responsibility is towards the people. Listen to the people. Let’s be determined, let’s defend Europe. Do not let the leftists mess up and reconstruct Europe! And do not let them oust the soul of Europe! Do not let the liberals and socialists take away Europe from the people!”

Meanwhile those who think Hungary is pushing the envelope too far might care to hear what Janusz Korwin-Mikke MEP, a conservative Polish member of the European Parliament has to say. In Poland a right-wing government has just won power, in large measure due to the unstoppable migrant flow precipitated by the increasingly isolated German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“The truth about Muslim immigration – Janusz Korwin-Mikke” (Polish MEP)

211,510 views Published to YouTube on Sep 8, 2015 – Plenary EP session of 08.09.2015

Agence France Press reported November 6 that France would officially welcome 200 refugees this month, “a figure that pales in comparison to the 180,000 which arrived in Germany in October”. The move is part of the bitterly contested “resettlement” plan imposed by the European Union in late September and set to see 30,000 refugees accommodated by France over the next two years, with 120,000 resettled around Europe.

The small numbers reflects how deeply divided member states in the European Union are over dealing with the biggest migrant crisis Europe has faced in 70 years.

It is increasingly clear that a majority of voters and leaders of right-of-centre parties in France are hostile to further immigration. France already has a Muslim immigrant population of some 5-7 million and as one commentator referring to assimilation problems noted: “the 17th century transportation of Scottish Calvinists and English Puritans to Catholic Ireland produces shock waves to this day”.

Immigration issues were recently debated in the French Senate where this speech by French senator Jean-Louis Masson almost caused a riot, earning him a formal reprimand from the Speaker’s chair and much opprobrium from a majority of senators in the chamber:

Jean Louis Masson, 68,  is an independent member of the French Senate for the Moselle department. He is a graduate of the prestigious École nationale supérieure des mines de Paris (ENSMP) and holds a double doctorate in science and in economics from the University of Nancy and another in law from Paris-II University.

Senator Masson’s October 14 speech, in which he stated baldly that “the immigration of today, produces the terrorists of tomorrow” caused intense dismay in the Senate according to the account on Publicsenat, the official website of parliamentary business: “I say very clearly: ‘I am against immigration for cyclical and structural reasons’, he told a packed chamber and ahead of a vote on a new law concerning immigration. ‘Currently, the benefits available for a farmer’s widow are a lot less than those offered to an immigrant who has never worked in France,’ he said. “In the past, we have had huge waves of immigrants: Poles, Italians, Portuguese, and these people posed no problems, it should be said. This was also the case with migrants from South East Asia whose children were very often, top of their classes. Currently, with people who come from other places, well they are neither top of the class … (Interruptions from senators drowned the rest of his sentence). In the past immigration led to assimilation. Today it leads to communitarianism … In earlier times, we were told that immigration had brought many very good many remarkable people to France . That’s right: Necker, Madame Curie, etc. They were remarkable French. I simply wish that such a  list could be continued… But the immigration of today, produces the terrorists of tomorrow! Mohamed Merah, Amedy Coulibaly, are the terrorists today!  (Uproar in the chamber from almost all sides except for the two Front National senators who applaud).

He was strongly attacked at the end of his speech:  “His speech crossed the line and perhaps the boundaries of the French Republic” Didier Guillaume, president of the PS group in the Senate told the chamber. “It triggers the basest instincts. Simply because these people (Poles, Italians, Portuguese) are Catholic, while those who are now coming are Muslims “he continued. He asked the President of the Senate Gérard Larcher, to “verify whether our colleague had not gone beyond the bounds of what was acceptable in the Republic so we can if necessary pursue this further.”

Interviewed later by Mirabelle TV, a local broadcaster, Jean Louis Masson told a reporter: “I say aloud what millions of French think silently. And each of the points I mentioned corresponds strictly to reality”.

This is a migratory movement composed of economic migrants, refugees and also foreign fighters” — Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

Following a revolt by her Bavarian allies the Christian Social Union over her initial emotive open doors policy it would seem the iron chancellor is preparing for a U-turn something firmly denied on November 7 to Agence France Presse.  AFP noting the denial said it followed remarks by Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere who “told German radio that Syrians would be given shorter residence permits and denied the right to be reunited with their families. What we will do in future with the Syrians… is we will say to them: you will be given protection, but only what we call ‘subsidiary protection’, meaning it is for a limited time, and without family reunification,” De Maiziere told Deutschlandradio earlier Friday, without specifying when the change in policy would be enforced. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) had been first to report that Europe’s top economy, which is expecting around one million asylum seekers this year, was considering a change in refugee policy.The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees has been ordered to only grant secondary protection for refugees from Syria’s civil war,” the FAZ quoted an interior ministry document as saying.

A chilling winter and explosive summer could lie ahead of Europe as it struggles to handle a crisis that has generated enormous public outcry across the EU and plunged Germany, the continent’s most powerful economy, into unprecedented turmoil.

Story: Ken Pottinger

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