Le Pen tells European Parliament: French have lost faith in EU, Blames Brussels for Paris Terror

A few hours before all France paid homage November 26 to the 130 victims of the Islamist terror atrocity in Paris and just 13 days ahead of crucial two-round December regional elections, Front National leader Marine le Pen warns of ever-dwindling French support for the European Union.

France pays homage at Les Invalides to victims of the Nov 13 Paris terror attacks (Credit Twitter)

Addressing the European Parliament on November 25 she said: “Our adoption of nonsensical EU policies represents today an barrier to ensuring national security for the people of France”.

Effiel Tower Paris dressed in the national colours in homage to victims of the Nov 13 terror attacks (Credit Twitter)

The speech came as polls suggest her conservative party could turn in a strong showing in the December regionals and for the first time win control of at least two regional administrations.

The video subtitled in English is below followed by highlights from the speech: Marine le Pen: “I’ve yet to hear our national leaders, name the assassin (in the Paris attacks) . The assassin is not terrorism. Terrorism is the weapon in the hands of the assassin. The assassin is the ideology in whose name the assassin kills: it is Islamist fundamentalism. And we must say so, because if we don’t, if we remain incapable of naming the enemy, obviously we cannot fight it. “But perhaps this makes some uncomfortable, because by naming it … we are forced to ask if we really can continue to have Saudi Arabia or Qatar as allies; we are forced to wonder about the ambiguity of (Nato member) Turkey in respect of Islamist fundamentalism. It forces us also to look at ourselves and to say “yes, our international agreements, our international alliances today push us towards being the allies of Islamist fundamentalism instead of seeing them as  the enemies… …”The European Commission has announced that three million migrants will arrive in the EU next year. Of course we are not saying that migrants equals terrorists. But the fact remains that what I warned of in this Parliament in September, namely jihadist infiltration of the waves of migrants, is a reality. This reality killed our people on Friday night … To continue allowing in uncontrolled waves of migrants,  when we are perfectly aware that the EU and its Frontex nations are totally incapable of controlling the identity of those who arrive, is to deprive us of the means with which we must fight this terrible danger.”  

“So,” she went on, “I say to you, we seek to recover our national borders. We do not trust the veritable sieve that are today’s European borders. Today, French borders are again  temporarily closed. We will do everything in our power to see to it that they are returned to our control definitively…

…”Since November 13, the state of mind of the French people has changed. European institutions should understand that for us nothing will ever be as it before. The migrant madness, the commitment to open borders, the obsession with austerity, the bad choice of international alliances, have become dangers the French now clearly identify…”


Marine le Pen’s views on the importance of restoring national borders across the EU (which in turn could bring about a massive realignment of that increasingly out-of-shape construct) is endorsed by others on the Rising Right, a movement now gathering strength in European politics as voters tire of endless banker-imposed austerity and a perceived migrant threat to national values.

Here is a short translated extract of a speech by Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán in Budapest. He was addressing the Magyar Diaspora Tanács (Hungarian Diaspora Conference) on published December 2, 2015. His full speech was 45-minutes long. He discusses the “absurd and illogical views of various European nations with regard to immigrants, and asks for people to stand up and tell the truth, voice their disapproval of things they disagree with..”:

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