Calais to Nimes (and Back), French Police set up a Migrant Airlift Merry Go Round

When a French judge recently ordered the government to upgrade and improve the squalid, unsanitary conditions in the notorious, crime-ridden squat known as the Jungle outside the channel port of Calais, he probably reckoned without this sort of outcome!

Calais camp from which 78 refugees were airlifted to Nimes (Credit Screengrab Streetpress video)

Calais camp from which 78 refugees were airlifted to Nimes (Credit Screengrab StreetPress video)

The Calais Jungle is where an estimated 6,000 squatters daily make disruptive and illegal efforts to storm the UK border from the French side of the 34 kms Channel that separates the two countries.

A French website has now filmed the failing saga of the Socialist government’s costly flying circus scheme – shipping migrants south only to have many of them find their own way back to Calais  days later.

The crowding at Calais has been a festering sore for 10 years but worsened over the past summer after German Chancellor Angela Merkel unilaterally opened Europe’s doors and “welcomed all Syrian refugees” into her country. The ensuring flood (by the end of 2015 a million to Germany alone) has now assumed Biblical proportions and Merkel’s ruling coalition seems increasingly shaky.

The miserable Calais camp conditions have deteriorated with the onset of the winter cold and rain even though government has set about building weather-proofed temporary cabins in the area to shelter the illegal migrants.

In this account Ahmed, a young Syrian, tells StreetPress — the French website that broke the story — of how part of the government’s response to the court-ordered cleanup is working out.

Ahmed was among a group of squatters — mainly economic migrants from all over Africa, the Middle and Far East, mixed with some genuine Syrian refugees — recently given the “Air PAF” treatment — a one-way air ticket and police escort to the bull-fighting centre of Nîmes (Languedoc-Roussillon) on board a 78-seater charter flight.

The video below documents the arrival at Calais airport of the government’s Civil Security jet together with its team of immigration escorts. It continues with shots of a busload of migrants brought from the Jungle and escorted onto the plane which flies them to Nîmes. The reporter then interviews Ahmed (back to camera to protect his identity) who tells what happened next.

Calais : la police déplace des migrants en avion Published to YouTube on Nov 12, 2015 by

The StreetPress team, Tomas Satus and Jacques Torrance, coined the term “Air PAF” from Police Aux Frontières or national border police which, under the state of emergency — declared after the Islamist terrorist slaughter of 130 in Paris – holds beefed up powers to police French borders and detain illegals.

France along with Germany, Sweden and a raft of other countries, has also “temporarily suspended” participation in the 26-nation Schengen Area open border agreement that for the past ten years has permitted passport free travel between core EU member states. It symbolises the continent’s “ever closer union” and is regarded as vital to the EU ultimate goal of a single European union where all national identities are suppressed.

Thanks to the seven-year long and still unresolved EU economic crisis and this summer’s millions of migrants march largely inspired by Merkel, Brussels’ dream is crumbling fast. Right-wing defenders of the centuries-old nation states of Europe are on the rise, led by Hungary’s Viktor Orbán and other central European member states of the Visegrád Group, and revolt is in the air.

Streetpress reporter Tomas Satus intervi a Syrian refugee (Credit Screengrab)

Streetpress reporter Tomas Satus intervi a Syrian refugee (Credit Screengrab)

StreetPress takes up the story: “We found the young Syrian, Ahmed, in the Jungle de Calais camp. Eight days earlier, Ahmed had been sent to a detention centre at Nîmes: “They caught me and others in the Channel Tunnel. The next day we found ourselves on a plane to Nîmes. We were sent to a detention centre together with 30 other refugees“.

Ahmed’s story is one shared by a growing number of refugees … the use of a government-owned 78-seat plane to help clear the Jungle, and transfer migrants away from Calais, has increased significantly.

These past three weeks, according to Cimade, a refugee aid group, more than 600 migrants have been sent to camps at the other end of France compared to less than 100 in the past 6 months.

Upset at being forcibly transferred, 98% of the migrants either abscond or if they are lucky are freed after a court hearing and then make their way back to Calais

Standing in the middle of the ‘Syrian quartier of the Jungle camp, Ahmed tells StreetPress why he got transferred. “I was caught on October 20 in the Channel Tunnel. I was trying to board a freight train when the police caught us. They did not beat us but threw tear gas at us and sent police dogs after us”.

He says he spent the night in custody and the next day was embarked on the Civil Security plane destination Nîmes: “I was not handcuffed on the plane but there was always a police officer sitting next to me.”

Fresh off the plane he found himself confined to barracks as it were: “I could not even leave my room.”

Two days later Ahmed was taken before the local Administrative Court where his case was heard. The verdict ? A lenient judge annulled his detention and freed Ahmed who immediately set off back to Calais.

The evening of his release, Ahmed, and his six Syrian friends who had also been transferred to Nîmes, showed up at the Gare de Nîmes train station,the beginning of their return odyssey.

With no money, they stowed away on a train back to Calais via Paris playing cat and mouse with vigilant police officers: “The police chased us but we finally managed to hide in the train.”

Once in the capital, police again blocked their efforts to board a train to Calais but finally after searching them and their belongings, they were let go.

Thus three days after leaving for Calais, Ahmed returned to his tent and his Syrian colleagues. Despite the difficulties he told StreetPress he has not given up on his plan to reach the UK and apply for asylum.

His parting words to the reporter “(Syrian leader) Bashar and French government: No good!”

Contacted by StreetPress the Ministry of the Interior said that despite the scale of transfers and the discontent of the migrant volunteer aid groups in the area, there are not enough places in the Calais detention centre: “Just because the Coquelles centre is full does not give them the right to be illegal immigrants in Calais,” a ministry spokesman said.

Asked about Ahmed the ministry responded: “We place in detention people about whose identity we have doubts. At Calais as you know, everybody claims to be a Syrian or an Eritrean. But the reality is far more complicated”.

The various migrant squats that have sprung-up around Calais and other Channel ports over the past decade have been a thorn for residents and authorities alike while, according to the local Mayor, also having a deleterious impact on tourism and the national economy.

Over this summer the constant inflow of asylum-shopping migrants led to weeks of blockages, stoppages and travel chaos around Calais, at the Eurostar channel tunnel and also for truckers whose vehicles were damaged and illegally boarded by migrants egged on by Open Borders activists from the UK, using the migrants’ plight for their own political agenda.

Below an Hungarian trucker recounts his personal experiences running the gauntlet of migrants trying to board trucks bound for the UK. His video posted to YouTube has now gone viral.  As London’s Daily Mail reports: “At the end of the video, the driver turns the camera on himself. ‘So quite a trip, eh, these last 6 kilometres? ‘The migrants have managed to divert me so much that I couldn’t get into the port parking area so there will be no parking today. ‘Can you imagine what it’s like to be here in the evening, after the sun sets? Guys, don’t go to England from Calais! You get it?’, he says, in Hungarian.

Here is that video which contains strong language:

Plenty of voices have been raised criticising the state of affairs at Calais but the reality is French and other EU police forces are hamstrung. European legislation and outdated United Nations conventions have so tied law enforcers up in knots that instead of the illegal migrants being regarded as border-jumping criminals, the last link in a long chain of a highly lucrative people smuggling trade, they have become the new untouchables.

Story: Ken Pottinger

The migrant crisis that has caused so much concern across Europe for so much of this year raises red flags for voters for many reasons among which are a well-founded fear of imported religious extremism, leading to tragedies such as the atrocity in Paris on November 13.

The last four minutes of this video (latest in a series about Islamisation in Sweden) by a Bosnian refugee and naturalised Swede offers his view on why European nations facing a religious extremist threat, ought to be speaking out. He says a vociferous minority of Islamist radicals are currently driving the Islamisation of Europe.

Here is a transcript of those closing remarks. The video is narrated by the author who identifies only as “Angry Foreigner”:  ” ‘Islamophobe’ is a word purposely confusing well-founded criticism against organized religion with bigoted hatred towards all of it’s followers. It reinterprets criticism as a witch-hunt on individuals. Any sound critic of religion knows well enough to differentiate between people and ideology. Criticizing Islam (an idea) and demonizing Muslims (a people) are very different things. The word ‘islamophobe’ makes it impossible to have a constructive, nuanced conversation about Islam and islamism.

“Islamists claiming to fight islamophobia are given millions in tax funding to spread intolerance. The mass media pick the most suspicious professionally offended radicals to represent all Muslims in Sweden, and secular Muslims are hounded by left-wingers for being ‘racist’ when speaking out against radicals.

“This is Sweden in 2015. Islamisation is an institutionalized process made possible by the complete cowardice and vile ignorance of Swedish politicians and journalists. They don’t know anything about Muslims, and they don’t want to know. All they want to do is further their own career by saying what they think Muslims want to hear, and avoiding labels such as ‘racist’ and ‘islamophobic’ – the latter of which is the Islamist’s favourite tool to blur the line between democracy and theocracy.

“And anybody who fails to draw the line between secular Muslims and radicals is a useful idiot serving the purpose of Islamists. By hating all Muslims you’re confirming the Islamists world-view where ‘Muslims are under attack and we need to strike back.’ You just made it easier for them to recruit a new terrorist.

“The Swedish establishment gives power to the professionally offended fundamentalists who shout ‘racist’ at anything and all. It’s more comfortable for them that way, but in the process they turn their backs on all the Muslims who actually want to live in a secular Western society”

Published on Nov 28, 2015

The video poster writes: “This video thoroughly details the islamisation of Sweden and all the different aspects serving to blur the line between secular democracy and theocracy. For this reason it is quite long, so below you will find a table of contents with timelines in case you want to jump to a specific part.

If you enjoy my work and wanna help me out, become a patron:

1 – 00:00 – We aren’t even allowed to deport terrorists
2 – 09:32 – The muslim radicalization of immigrant ghettos
3 – 18:30 – Tax-funded mosques advocating sexism
4 – 24:29 – Islamist organisations secretly working for intolerance
5 – 45:20 – Offended believers who demand special rights
6 – 51:37 – The racism of low expectations
7 – 57:44 – Moderate muslims are called “houseniggers” in Sweden

The narrator who calls himself “angry foreigner” is an English speaking Bosnian refugee living in Sweden. His biography shows he has 54,066 subscribers and his videos have attracted 5,726,665 views since he joined YouTube on Apr 10, 2014.  His bio adds: “I have nothing against immigrants. I have everything against irresponsible immigration policy, cultural relativism and political correctness.My Swedish videos have English subtitles. Turn on CC in the bottom right corner, might not work on all phones but definitely works on PC. If subtitle background is too bright, fix the transparency in subtitle settings.So much insane shit happens in Sweden on a regular basis that I simply don’t have time to make videos about it all: Follow my blog to stay updated on Swedish insanity. I was born in Bosnia to Bosnians, and came to Sweden when I was 5 years old. I reject all culture. To question one’s surroundings is more important than accepting one’surroundings. I come from a country where we do not mollycoddle our words and we say exactly what we do , tact and PC – terms do not exist. At the same time , I think , at a thoughtful philosophical level , that honesty is the most important aspect of all.”

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