Take The Sting Out of It, Turn A Tap On A Beehive, Watch Warm Fresh Honey Flow

It’s a beekeepers dream: just turn a tap on your beehive and watch pure fresh honey flowing right out of your hive and into a jar! No mess, no fuss and hardly any stress for the bees.

Want honey without the fuss? Here's a hive on tap (Credit Honeyflow)

Want honey without the fuss? Here’s a hive on tap (Credit Honeyflow)

That’s the invention developed by Cedar Anderson, an Australian innovator, that is now turning the heads of beekeepers worldwide, coming as it does at a time when colony collapse and similar disasters are worrying honey producers in France and elsewhere .

Published to YouTube on Feb 22, 2015. To join the Flow Revolution visit the Website; FacebookTwitter

So how does it work?
The Honeyflow website explains it in four simple steps: “The Flow Hive is a plastic frame with a honeycomb matrix. The bees build on the frame, fill the cells with honey and cap them off. A lever is then turned outside of the hive, which splits the cells open. The honey drains down through the channel and through a tube into a jar at the bottom”.

Published to YouTube on Oct 19, 2015. Watch as Cedar Anderson explains in detail how to harvest honey using a Flow™ Hive

Reporting on the buzz that a recent successful crowdfunding campaign created, French TV broadcaster BFM Business noted: “The price of the hive, available in knocked down kitform is well above that of a traditional hive — between 250-700 US dollars depending on the model. Then there is the shipping cost which to Europe adds another 100 dollars. First deliveries are due to begin in March 2016, after Cedar Anderson has had the time to build a new workshop and install equipment needed to fulfill all the orders”.

The Australian behind the invention, “a gentle young hippie” according to the Australian broadcaster ABC, has become a multi-millionaire overnight after seeking crowd funding to float his manufacturing business:
“That video went viral overnight and had a couple of million views, and that really kicked us into high gear. The media interest was massive,” colleague Yari McGauley explained.
The astounding success of the crowdfunding campaign garnered even more attention.
“Hoping to raise $US70,000 ($96,952) to buy a new tool for the factory, they flew past that target in a few minutes, reaching more than $US2 million in just one day.
“At the close of the campaign eight weeks later, they had $US12.2 million in advance orders.
“After the champagne wore off, they had a major headache — of the logistical kind.
“They had to manufacture 24,000 orders and export them to more than 130 countries.
“Cedar’s life changed dramatically. Never a consumer, he suddenly had to spend up big on the infrastructure to keep things running….”

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