Spectacular Failure To Deal With Migrant Crisis Sparks Anger in Small Saxony Town

The European Union has, in the view of some observers, spectacularly failed to act decisively and in unison over the Merkel-incited “great mass walk-in” across Europe that has thrown member states into turmoil since last summer.

The Actinon spa pool at Bad Schlema

The Actinon spa pool at Bad Schlema

In France, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Denmark among others, nationalist politicians and supporters have warned repeatedly that the more than a million mainly Muslim male migrants that have stormed sovereign borders with forged or no identification papers, pose an existential threat to the entire European project.

Until now they have been ignored or dismissed as “xenophobes” and “racists”. But New Years Eve in Cologne changed all that.

Now tempers at a local level are fraying as can be seen in this video filmed during a town council meeting with the Mayor of Bad Schlema, Jens Müller, a member of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ruling CDU-Christian Democratic Union party.

Published to YouTube on Jan 31, 2016.

The video, subtitled in English, shows angry scenes as local residents raise the issue of the safety of their families following the housing of 86 refugees in temporary accommodation in this town of some 4,800 residents. The Mayor tells them “not to provoke the migrants”. This provokes an outcry as the citizens demand he and Merkel resign.

The former mining town is located in the German State of Saxony and today depends on tourism and its famous radon spa.

At the meeting on Thursday January 28 a worried grandfather voiced his concerns about the increasing incidents of sexual harassment of young girls on their way to school by migrants. His own granddaughter had been the victim of sexual harassment and he feared matters would worsen once the girls started to wear less clothing in the summer or for physical education classes. The mayor’s reply angered the more than 100 citizens who were present: “It’s simple, don’t provoke them and don’t walk in these areas.”

The meeting erupted in uproar; some mocked the absurdity of not being able to walk to school in one’s own town, others demanded the Mayor step down immediately. Jens Müller added: “it’s technically not necessary to walk near the refugee shelters, there are alternative routes”, a remark which merely inflamed the locals further.

Some in the crowd complained how government actions leave them little choice but to drift off to the right of the political spectrum. In many cases the so-called “refugees” receive more benefits, better housing and more legal protection than we do they said.

Thanks to the migrant crisis, Germany’s right-wing AFD or “Alternative for Germany” parrty has seen it support rise from under 4% to 12.5% in latest polls.

Since more than a million young single and mainly male “refugees” arrived in Germany there have been an increasing number of reports of gang rapes of young people.

Source for the original story, the Freie Presse

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