In France, Le Life Style is Spelt 2CV

If there is one image above all others that sums up life as it should be lived in France, it’s La Citroën 2CV, praised by those who love it as a model that deserves to be classified as world heritage.

This certainly is the view of Richard, a passionate 2CV owner in Charente Maritime whose love for the car is summed up by the museum of illustrations and historical data he has collected on his 2CV fan website Patrimoine Mondial de l’Automobile française.

For many thousands of motor car enthusiasts 2CV and France are synonyms – Photo:

Richard is not alone. Hundreds of websites, fan clubs, rally groups, and museums exist around France paying vibrant tribute to a little car with a big heart, and one that still beats strongly even though production ceased in 1991, 56 years after Pierre Michelin drew up his famous spec for the first 2CV.

Michelin, as any proper 2CV buff can recite backwards, famously told his designers to make a motor car that would be taxed like a motorcycle and one that “… could carry two farmers in clogs, fifty pounds of potatoes or a wine-barrel, at a maximum speed of 60 km/h for a consumption of 3litres/100km. It must be able to drive on the worst possible roads, be light enough to be handled without problems by a learner driver, provide a sufficiently comfortable ride to ensure that all the eggs in the basket on the back seat arrive intact, and be available at an affordable price”.

La Citroën 2CV est un art de vivre… une partie de nous même, the Citroën 2CV is a way of life, part of our very fabric, is the theme of Richard’s website, which together with several hundred like this extraordinary and special one, is home to fans who, along with many a French film-maker, regard the car to be as integrally French as… well that would be quite a list, so lets just say, all the other famous bits with some terroir.

The YouTube clip below shows an amateur’s museum of the 2CV while below the clip are links to a number of websites for others passionate about a car that rightfully, refuses to die.

The vibrant Le 2CV Life style community is
and… oh just go google it yourself, there are 828,000 references!

Story: Ken Pottinger

French-News-Online is grateful to Keith Eckstein at “Taste of Garlic” blog for the inspiration provided by the French love story he described in a recent 2CV piece.

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2 Responses to In France, Le Life Style is Spelt 2CV

  1. Finn Skovgaard February 1, 2011 at 3:03 pm

    ….and how many know that 2CV means 2 chevaux-vapeur = 2 horse-vapour? – at least literally :-) -Finn Skovgaard

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