French Week: Lost Your Shirt … Again?

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French Week, launched with much fanfare less than 6 months ago as France’s only weekly newspaper in English, has closed its doors leaving susbcribers and advertisers high and dry.

Here is the official announcement as it appears on their website:French Week

“Dear readers,
We are sorry to announce that the publishing company Polymath Media is being dissolved and no copy of French Week has been printed since issue number 23 (January 7-13). The costs of distributing the paper were much larger than expected and, despite the enthusiastic response from subscribers and advertisers, the paper was unable to cover its costs.
We have submitted a list of current subscribers to the liquidator who may contact you but we have to say that it is unlikely that any refund will be made as the company had too many debts. If you would like further information, please email us at
Thank you to all those who have written and phoned. Many of you have told staff how much they appreciated the paper. We are all very disappointed that the paper didn’t manage to stand on its own feet.
The French Week team”

This follows an earlier collapse of French Week’s predecessor French News (with which FrenchNewsOnline has absolutely no relationship) and which likewise left its subscribers and advertisers out of pocket.

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In this digital Internet-driven age the newspaper industry worldwide faces very turbulent times and particularly in the current global recession. Anyone venturing into conventional printing, publishing and distribution needs very deep pockets and a large amount of courage.

That is why this paper is produced and distributed entirely on-line and why we can offer you our esteemed readers, an always free subscription that means never again will you lose your shirt.

So a warm welcome to former French Week readers and stay with us, for plenty more of the true Flavour of France.

The FrenchNewsOnline Team.

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