Don’t Just Sit There, Try a French Jelly

In the period generally known to many expatriates, as BmF ( Before Moving to France) work was an 8-7 affair probably with several hours of travel tacked on.

Join a Jelly and shape your business ideas

AmF (After Moving to France), work for the many who uprooted before retirement anyway, tends to be kitchen-table-based … and sometimes rather lonely.

But that was BJ (Before Jelly). For now with Jellies setting in more than 100 cities around the world, you can gather around some-one else’s  kitchen-table to  share ideas and experiences, at intermittent times during a month anyway.

The Jelly is a casual working event bringing people together informally in someone’s home,  a cafe, or office space to work together for the day – just as you once did when you were a wage slave but the difference is now you have a choice and the interchange is a mix of the social, brain-storming and shared experience.

Groups of Jelly in France are now spreading. The first Jelly event in Montpellier for instance will take place in April 2011. Annette Morris, the driving force in the area, told FrenchNewsOnline: “A Jelly is a coworking event not an event for self-promotion and business-to-business selling. Jelly is quite social and can be held in a wide variety of public and easily accessible locations.”

People attending bring a laptop (or whatever other tools they  need to get some  work done), a friendly disposition and a desire to share and interact around the question: ‘What are you working on?’ rather than ‘What do you do?’ .

What’s particularly exciting about Languedoc Jelly, says Annette, “is the blend of Anglophone and French business owners that would like to work alongside each other, exchange advice, pick-up new skills or contacts, maybe even cultivate business ideas and work together on new projects”.

Contact Languedoc Jelly’s Annette Morris on 09 66 03 03 03 or Annette Morris who lives in Hérault is an expat entrepreneur and freelance marketing consultant.

Annette Morris is organising the spread of Jelly in the Languedoc

According to the website of Jelly founders (Amit Gupta and Luke Crawford): “Jelly started in NYC in February of 2006 when roommates Amit and Luke realized that they loved working from home, but they missed the creative brainstorming, sharing, and camaraderie of a traditional office. So they started inviting friends to come work from their home one day a week. They soon found that working in close proximity to new and interesting people every couple weeks resulted in new ideas and interesting conversations. Emboldened by their early success, they made it a more regular thing. Jelly was born.”

So no matter what you do or what you create, Jellies around France and indeed the globe, welcome you to share your talent and learn from others.

Watch a video clip about Jelly:

What is Jelly? from Amit Gupta on Vimeo.

or read about it in Wired magazine.

Don’t just sit there try some Jelly

The Global Coworking Blog has a wiki directory listing the world’s Jellies.

Here are its French contacts:

Story: Ken Pottinger

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