Films Galore as Cannes Kicks Off

Cannes Festival

The 63rd Festival opens despite earlier thundery skies and even a snow storm

And they’re off — France’s most famous film feast is underway with all the usual drama and the added spice this year of unexpected poor weather.

The Mediterranean coast was hit by unseasonal snow and rain just as the stars were gathering, but even this failed to dampen the magic of Cannes.

Ridley Scott

The 12-day festival opened May 12 with Ridley Scott’s “Robin Hood” starring Russell Crowe and Australian actress Cate Blanchett.

Millions of euros were set to change hands as visitors flocked to oggle, producers and stars partied and supped champagne, and distributors haggled for rights on the 2500 or so films in the market during the event.

The full feast of the daily films for the moguls, stars, juries and the media is listed on the official site and for the rest of us there are free evening world premieres of some of the films in the festival at 9:30pm on the Macé Beach. The programme can be found here.


Cinema by the sea at the Cannes festival

Cannes’ Screen-on-Sand for those who prefer their films in casual mode.


Life goes on despite the stars

This lad is clearly hoping that with so many stars around some of their glitter may just have, well, sunk in the sands?


The Riviera was hit by freak snow and rainstorms in May

(Picture Credits: Festival de Cannes)

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2 Responses to Films Galore as Cannes Kicks Off

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  2. Francesco Sinibaldi May 24, 2010 at 5:08 pm

    Quelquefois dans mon coeur….

    Cette lumière
    m’appelle, dans
    le coeur de
    la nuit, comme
    un son perpétuel
    qui souffle dans
    le rêve la chanson
    de la vie: c’est
    la délicate neige,
    la naturelle voix
    qui rappelle la

    Francesco Sinibaldi

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