Schiste: Last Minute Parliament Lobby

Barring last minute upsets or interventions the Gaz de Schiste Bill will become law after the French Senate  vote scheduled for Thursday June 30.


Fracking in France now in the hands of the French Senate. Image: Wikipedia

Grassroots groups in drilling concession areas opposed to fracking in any shape or form or under any  name,  are not letting up the pressure.

According to Richard Paul-Jones of  The Schiste Happens Team: “Each time members of the public contact Parliament and Senate members about the Schiste protest  it shows the grassroots  are alive and well  and firmly opposed to shale gas mining (fracking) or whatever the oil and gas companies decide to call the process, so that they can  get round the bill.  There are loopholes in the  legislation which make it possible for the oil companies to do exactly that.”

This letter, which can be downloaded here:  Lettre Groupes Pol.du Sénét 26 June 2011 reiterates all the weaknesses in the bill and asks senators to re-examine the legislation with that in mind.

The Schiste Happens Team has asked for help in ensuring as many readers as possible download and e-mail the letter to the following Senate addresses:

If you are concerned here is a quick way of showing it, time is running out, do email the signed letter without delay.

Want to know what your are up against?  In the US pro-fracking lobbies are raising the stakes and the arguments in this article are repeated endlessly on the Internet and in mining literature and campaigns:

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