Depardieu – Ryanair Takes the Mickey

Ryanair has been quick to rub Air France’s nose in actor Gérard Depardieu’s recent mess – its latest website sales banner suggests that now even the passengers “pisse” on its competition.

Ryanair is clearly grateful to Depardieu for an unmissable moment (Screen capture: Le Post)

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Known for its brash marketing approach – it refers to its aircraft as flying buses and once suggested offering standing-room-only tickets — the aggressive Irish-based, low-cost airline was clearly flushed with delight at reports that an apparently inebriated and overloaded Depardieu had flooded the galley floor of a City Jet Paris-Dublin flight.

The incident occurred because, in line with flight safety regulations, staff on the AF 5010 which was carrying 127 passengers, declined to let him use the toilets in the minutes before takeoff. Bursting to go, Depardieu was said by one account, to have headed into the galley with a plastic bottle, where he proceeded to miss his target.

The Air France low-cost subsidiary made light of the matter in this tweet even though the incident meant the plane which aborted takeoff and returned to the terminal was delayed two hours for a mop-up.

Making light of the matter – the City Jet Tweets after a filmstar messed the floor

But in matters liquid of course there was no holding back the Irish competitor. Brimming over with an exuberant shot, Ryanair quick-changed the French-language version of its website so it could dribble effluent all over its French rival. Ryanair of course, has had its own bit of bother with aircraft toilets. It caused an uproar when it suggested that to help offset the cleaning costs, it would charge passengers who used on-board toilets. Passengers retaliated by suggesting they would buy no more expensive in-flight drinks when flying Ryanair. So far there are no signs of the coin-operated toilets in the cabin.

Here an eyewitness to the affair tells Europe1 what happened:

” Depardieu a dit ‘je ne peux pas…
par Europe1fr

The actor who is on a diet and was reported to have been drinking on an empty stomach, strongly contested versions of the story that claimed he had soiled the floor or made a spectacle of himself.

According to the actor’s entourage as reported by Le Parisien, Gérard Depardieu allegedly tried discreetly to relieve himself in a bottle apologising when he dribbled a little on the carpet.

The actor himself recounted his version of the affair to the website 20 minutes saying that after takeoff had been delayed several times he had an overwhelming desire to urinate. Actor Edouard Baer, ​​who was traveling with him, suggested he make use of an empty plastic bottle. A source in his entourage who requested anonymity said Depardieu did so and “made sure he could not be seen by others”. He also immediately offered to clean up when some drops hit the floor the same source said. Airline representatives confirmed no further action would be taken and there was no question of fining the actor.

Depardieu, widely acclaimed for his lengthy and highly successful film career is however known for his faux pas and the latest incident was not his first slip … Le Post suggests the actor is a repeat offender.

In 2004 the website said, he caused much discomfort at the Caesar awards ceremony where his daughter Julie Depardieu received the Most Promising Actress Caesar for her role in Petite Lili by Claude Miller … Dad arrived drunk on stage …

In April 2010 he called a female journalist a “bitch” while attending a screening of his film Mammuth at the UGC Ciné-Cité les Halles in Paris. Later that same month he told the Paris newspaper JDD – Journal du Dimanche: “Politics? Its a backyard filled with chickens and roosters shitting in it. It is shameful and dirty”.

In May 2011 at the end of an appearance as a guest on the Ce soir ou jamais show, where he described himself and the cinema as ordure he announced “right, now I’m off for a pee.”

See below:

Depardieu je suis une vrai ordure [Fun] CSOJ… par peanutsie

Story: Ken Pottinger

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