French Cuisine: When Pop beats Classical

Apart from cooking and writing, US chef, food and travel guru Anthony Bourdain is famous for his Travel Channel series  ‘No Reservations’.  In the world of a cook he says, “an understanding and appreciation of how others eat is akin to discovering secret societies and cryptic subcultures.”

Anthony Bourdain

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Bourdain is not your typical celebrity chef. He is the Chef-at-large at New York’s famed bistro, Les Halles, and is also an accomplished author, having written three crime novels, a cookbook, and several bestsellers. His debut episode of ‘No Reservations’ — entitled France: Why the French Don’t Suck, aired July 25, 2005 with him visiting Paris to explore the city’s catacombs, try some absinthe, check out the city’s major meat markets, and spend the night in the room where Oscar Wilde passed away.

Now he has returned and in the video clips below he discusses how a new generation of unconventional chefs is turning Michelin-star obsessed French cooking on its head.

In the Bourdain world cooks “have special access. As always, food is only the first glimpse of a wider view of how people live their lives in faraway lands and unfamiliar environments.”

Particularly intriguing is his discussion, around a table in the speciality shop La Tete dans les Olives in Paris’ 6th arrondissment, with new wave French chefs and others, in this three part series posted on You Tube and excerpted from his main show.

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