Chocolate with a Saint Valentine’s Passion

Everyone knows the French sustain an ongoing and passionate love affair with chocolate especially, it would seem when it’s a little risqué.

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So it was perfectly natural to find an artisan chocolatier-pâtissier has taken the passion literally and as Saint Valentine’s Day fast approaches, is offering a somewhat special chocolate gourmandise to celebrate February 14.

Maison Lemoine in southwest Sarlat-la-Canéda (24) has hit the headlines for taking France’s chocolate love affair to new heights. In pure dark, milk and white chocolate, it lovingly crafts crowd-stopping male appendages in a state of full Saint Valentine’s’ fervour.

The five euro Saint Valentine’s surprise is selling better than bed-warmers according to Jennifer, a shop assistant in the Sarlat maison (it is after all minus 10 degrees out there as France along with much of central Europe, shivers in Arctic freeze).

Inside Maison Lemoine and behind her counter the smiling owner Virginie told SudOuest newspaper, “in Paris these sell like hot cakes so we thought they would go down well here also.” (To see what all the fuss is about the paper has the full technicolour image.)

So popular and realistic is this seasonal addition to the chocolate range that, according to SudOuest, the local gendarmerie was called after a dismayed mother, innocently contemplating a window display of gourmandises with her children, complained.

“Police asked us to remove them from the main display window because they said a passerby thought they ‘offended against public morals’. Of course we did so,” Jennifer told the paper, “but before the smiling gendarmes left they kindly bought two dark ones as presents. Frankly there is nothing shocking about these chocolates, what’s more they’re quite small in truth and anyway it’s all a bit of a joke really.”

So now the priapic chocolate Saint Valentine’s gifts are prominently displayed on the counter next to the cannelés and macaroons for which the confectioner has earned a name and local fame.

Tasty cannelés found in most pastry shops

The newspaper reporter asked one elderly customer buying a tarte au citron if she was shocked by the display, “No, she said, but her rosy blush seemed to suggest the opposite,” according to the reporter.

However claimed Jennifer, as she arranged the most talked about chocolates in Sarlat next to her Périgord oies: “In general, people are amused and say it’s an original gift for Saint Valentine’s”.

As it turns out if you have a sweet tooth for chocolate romance and would like to indulge your own fancy in creative chocolate-making there is, as one might expect, a website selling a range of chocolate moulds fit for purpose.

This bakery equipment supplier offers mail order delivery of moulds for “sexy chocolate suckers” along with chocolate busts (Moule chocolats Bustes) and Kamasutra chocolate (Moule chocolats Kamasutra) while its pièce de résistance, as it were, is the Moule chocolat Piece of Man XL at a mere 35.88 euros TTC.

As if to atone for such lèse-majesté and reflecting its very catholic taste, the website also offers moulds for chocolate objects suitable for Easter and Christmas and a far wider range than just sexy bonbons: Tablettes, Plaques Moules Chocolat Noël Moules Chocolat Pâques Moules Sucettes Moules Saint-Valentin Moules Sport, Loisirs Animaux et objets Gamme Sexy Adultes Moules en silicone Moules bonbons aimantés.

Story: Ken Pottinger

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