McBaguette’s Tasting Notes – ‘Pas Terrible’

Le McBaguette 
just landed in the favourite fast food outlet of
Euro MEP José Bové (!), to garner but lukewarm approval from critical French gastronomes.

McBag gets weak notes at gourmet tasting

At least that was the majority view of a 12-strong panel of editorial epicureans at the online French newspaper 20Minutes (pictured here)

Gathered round the editorial conference table for a McBag tasting (ouf wine connoisseurs look away now) involving the latest McDo contribution to French haute cuisine, the dégustation note was a modest 5.04/10.

Tasters reported ‘hints of plastic and chemicals’ in the slices of ‘genuine’ French emmental and  ‘ciabatta textures’ once the mouth had swilled past the “croustillant” of the baguette’s crusty coating.

McDonalds Switzerland Coupon Flyer

No comment – McDonalds Switzerland Coupon Flyer (Photo credit: maki)

Indeed while the tasting panel agreed that at 4.40 euros, the current McBag vintage was ‘inexpensive’, consumers might find it hard to fault the conclusion of Gaëlle, one taster-scribe, who at the end of the editorial pause déjeuner confessed: “Me I prefer un bon vieux jambon-beurre du boulanger”. (Clearly nothing wrong then with McBag’s chief competitor the long-standing ham and butter baguette, a traditional staple at any local bakery).

As the editorial conference dutifully reported after its Wednesday tasting ritual: “Le Mc Baguette est arrivé ce mercredi chez McDonald’s and  the marketing gurus made much mention of  ‘stone-baked bread, mustard sauce, two pepper steaks, ‘French’ emmental and salad’ … the presentation of their new ‘French’ sandwich is clearly for them the peak of the American fast food dream. But is McBag really as good as it looks? Our editorial tasting team sat down to make ​​a point of checking whether this new sandwich does indeed scale the heights of French gastronomy”.

There was some notable concern among the tasting panel about the presentation,  colour, atmosphere  and tradition of this nouveau arrivage:  “Once unwrapped the sandwich, just like all McDonald’s burgers unfortunately reveals a significant gap  between the attractive product shown in the adverts and that which emerges from the wrappers around the table. Thus, if some of the McBags at this tasting can be classified with an ‘honourable mention’ in terms of presentation, others were clearly travel-stained. Mine bore absolutely no resemblance to the one shown in the adverts,” said chief taster Julien. “It was more a kind of abstract art with sculptured cheese oozing out in several directions from under the upper crust” .

For Aurélie the experience was “more like eating a hamburger, because the bread tastes like a hamburger bun.” For his part Sam praised the “meat content as a classic”, but marked down the overall experience because the  bread and cheese were ‘too greasy and tasteless”. Indeed the unanimous view of the panel was that the ‘French’ emmental  was “not good”  tasted “of plastic and exhibited a chemical taste.” However all agreed McBag was nourishing.

Perhaps unsurprisingly McDonald’s France had no immediate reaction to the epicurean epistle. After all with more than 1000 outlets across France McDo ranks top for fast food burgers and has a very loyal fan club. The industry overall claims to sell more than 90 million hamburgers a year a record that José Bové would probably consider a veritable blot on French gourmet traditions.

For more refined gourmet delights of the French table try here  

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Story: Ken Pottinger

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