Where ‘Apero’ Meets ‘Auto’ in the Entrepreneurs World


Sole trading and want to network, how about apéro entrepreneurs?

Apero What ? Well May You Ask.

According to their rather sparse website its a good opportunity to have a drink with the (mostly young) sole traders now flourishing under France’s auto-entrepreneur or sole-trading scheme, to discuss and exchange ideas, meet others and generally network.

Launched a little by accident in Paris, aperoentrepreneurs are fast spreading throughout France, under popular demand!

On May 6 the group held its fourth apéro in Paris (on the first Thursday of every month in different venues), and launched other aperoentrepreneurs gatherings in five main cities: Bordeaux, Perpignan, Grenoble, Lille and Toulouse.

All of the regional arrangements are being driven by “GO”‘s on Twitter: @PierreBrandini (Bordeaux), Julien Gautier and Hubert Fisselier (Perpignan), @ArturLacoste (Grenoble), Serge Rybacki and Thibaut Bayart (Lille) and Antoine Girard (Toulouse)

To arrange an aperoentrepreneurs network meeting  in your town or area, send an email .

Stay in touch with upcoming  meetings via their  mailing list

Here are a couple of other aperoentrepreneurs involved in spreading the word:
Gilles Poupardin
Yoann Nussbaume

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Story: Ken Pottinger

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