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French-News-Online.com is a digital news source produced for global Francophiles, visitors to France and residents in the country.
It emerged from beta launch in January 2011 and offers original reporting and media content sourced from French media – blogs, newspapers, magazines, radio and TV.

According to WordPress tracking this site was viewed around 96,000 times in 2012 while visitors came from 181 countries in all with most from the United States. France and the United Kingdom were not far behind. In 2013 this had improved to more than 125,000 from 180 countries, with the earlier per country ranking unchanged thus confirming the wealthy North American continent remains our prime readership market

 French News Online
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Why FrenchNewsOnline? –  For its unique, targeted palate. It puts readers on top of the most colourful views of life and style in France with a full-flavoured gourmet taste of the French news.
FrenchNewsOnline.Com, GC La Poste, 46500 Gramat, France. Phone +44 (0)207-1936211 editorial@french-news-online.com

Unique Visitors: 46,500+ (- June 6 and December 31 2012)
Page impressions: 418,900+ (- June 6 and December 31 2012)
Site analytics from ISP host June to Dec 2012 period — differing because they count both its html section and WordPress sites:
Annual Page impressions: 653,700+
Annual Unique Visitors: 70,230+

Growing strongly: ISP's latest graph shows 4264 daily visitors in the week 8-14 Sep 2013 or 33,046 visitors per week

Growing strongly: ISP’s graph shows average of 4264 daily visitors in the week 8-14 Sep 2013 or 33,046 visitors per week


Site analytics from ISP host show a near 50% leap in daily visitors in the 6 months from the above graph to March 2014 as per below:

6,330 views daily in the week 9-15 Mar 2014, and 106,958 page impressions

6,330 daily visitors in the week 9-15 Mar 2014, and 106,958 page impressions



SIX banner positions available on Home Page (Click on screen capture above to see all spaces in real time):
Ref 1. HEADER AD 728X60.  Cost: €100/mth or €1200/year
Ref 2. HEADER AD 234X90 (OR 268X120) (“Subscribe To New Yorker” left and right Ears) Cost: €60/mth or €720/year
Ref 3. HOMEPAGE LEFT 160PX AD  Cost: €30/mth or €360/year
Ref 4.HOMEPAGE 300X250  Cost: €30/mth or €360/year
Ref 5.HOMEPAGE 728X90   Cost: €30/mth or €360/year
Ref 6.HOMEPAGE 468X60   Cost: €30/mth or €360/year

and FIVE positions available on follow-on sidebars:
Ref 7. SIDEBAR 300X250 TOP  Cost: €20/mth or €240/year
Ref 8. SIDEBAR 300X250 BOTTOM (New Yorker) Cost: €20/mth or €240/year
Ref 9. MAGAZINE STYLE ARCHIVE 630X90  Cost: €20/mth or €240/year
Ref 10. MAGAZINE STYLE ARCHIVE 300X250 – BOTTOM  Cost: €20/mth or €240/year
Ref 11. AUTHOR ARCHIVE 300X250 – BOTTOM  Cost: €20/mth or €240/year

Minimum contract 3 months. All 12 month rates benefit from 15% discount

Four ONLY sitewide Section Sponsorships available at €2950 per year with exclusive sponsored editorial content, top of editorial page hyperlinked copy and sponsor section branding.
(To see more about this package scroll down)

In addition contextual articles can offer TextLinks which cost just €100 euros a year.
See how they work in this recipe example which shows TextLinks to Nîmes AOC olive oil, ripe red Rose de Berne tomatoes, and Fleur de sel de Guérande.

Special Sponsored annual supplements on Wine, Food, Travel and Culture — rates on application.

All rates shown are in euros and exclude tax.

French-News-Online.com is aimed at readers seeking a professional source of offbeat, insightful, magazine-style coverage of the world’s top tourist destination, a global cultural giant and a luxury goods and wines provider par excellence.

The paper is edited by trained journalists with decades of experience. Its readership sits broadly in northern America, continental Europe, Great Britain, Asia, Latin America, Australia and the Indian sub-continent. French-news-online.com features intriguing and unique pieces on French locations, food, cultural activities, wine, festivals and leading edge innovation.

Articles are classified under 30 sections and subsections namely:
Blog; Cooking & Recipes; Economy — Energy — Money Matters; Entertainment — Art — Books — Cinema VO — Culture Events — Film News; FranceFestivals; Music; Features; Gardening; Issues — History — Islam in France — Politics; Lifestyle — Tourism — Travel — Weather; World War Memorials; Wine; Quick Reads; Support our Sponsors — “Amorim Cork: a French News Online sponsor”; Top Stories; Video.

No. of articles as at May 2015 : 1,212 — posting 7 days a week!

Twitter followers: 4100+

Traffic breakdown:
48% search engine traffic, 34% referral and 15% direct traffic.

French News Online
is a digital e-magazine offering a comprehensive perspective of French news and lifestyle in English – we present magazine style reports and features about France via broad sections that cover culture, leisure, living and lifestyle.We deliver on a sustainable, eco-friendly, multi-media platform.
Our loyal audience comprises, in the majority, Francophile readers in North America followed by a large and growing broadband-connected population in France for whom English is either mother tongue, or a widely used working language and readers from the UK. Our site seeks to be without bias towards any one home nation among a multilingual and multi-national readership.
Apart from the UK, the English-speaking community in France for instance comprises people from many walks of life and many countries including, but not exclusively: Ireland, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, the Netherlands, the Scandinavian arc, Asia and Latin America. Readers of this site also include a growing number of French speakers keen to enhance their use of English.

Advertising on French News Online is a unique opportunity to reach out in France and beyond, to a high net worth community, that communicates through English and resides, owns second homes in, or takes frequent holidays across France. As such we offer a rifle-shot opportunity to reach a highly desirable niche market.

Section Sponsorships:
Sponsors who contract for a 12-month package enjoy branding opportunities and brand exposure directly via sponsor ads; links on pages where articles relate to sponsor business; a sponsor’s page containing sponsor-provided editorial and links back to sponsor websites.
As an example take the Wine section (as sponsored here by Amorim Cork).
As part of the sponsorship package a branded hyperlinked text message is included as per below: “Sponsored by Amorim Cork of Portugal – want to know more about how we produce the natural cork in your wine bottle?” Click the link.
These links are added to each of the news items under the sector Wine (32 currently for example) as part of the sponsor package together with a RH sidebar sponsorship message.

Une fois souscrit, un ordre ne peut être résilié. Tous nos tarifs s’entendent HTVA, visuels fournis. Le paiement doit être effectué avant de la parution. Formats acceptés: gif, jpeg, flash

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